Sunshine Home for Girls

The Sunshine Home for Girls offers vulnerable young women a safe and nurturing home away from home.

The Sunshine Home for Girls was founded by Major Joycelyn Jonas-Maxam in 1992 to provide a safe home for young women who are being abused in their own homes. The facility can house 11 girls between the ages of 8 and 18 and has been home to more than 180 girls since it opened. It operates under the umbrella of The Salvation Army.

The home offers its residents protection, physical and medical care, education, spiritual guidance, love, and emotional support. Its holistic program strives to help girls build self-worth, reach their full potential, and empower them to make informed decisions about their future.

“The money we receive from the Mill Reef Fund is used as a cushion to balance our budget every year. Without their help it would be very difficult for us to keep the doors of this home open for young women who need protection and support.”

– Major Barbara Forrester, Administrator

The Sunshine Home also supports the girls in returning to their communities as independent individuals and valuable contributors to Antiguan society. Many of the young women have gone on to become productive citizens with jobs such as teachers, hospitality and tourism employees, immigration officers, and entrepreneurs.

The Mill Reef Fund is the Sunshine Home’s largest and most consistent donor. The Fund’s yearly grant represents half of the home’s annual budget, helping to pay for food for the girls, staff salaries, education, furnishings, and maintenance. The home also receives a monthly contribution from the Antiguan government and donations from various entities in Antigua.