St. Philip's Anglican Church

Mill Reefers have long found spiritual guidance and a faith community at St. Philip’s, the closest church to the Club.

St. Philip Anglican’s historic church once stood in the seacoast town of Willoughby Bay, and while the exact date of that church’s establishment remains unclear, a tablet on the east side of the rectory wall suggests that part of the building was erected in 1681. As the congregation started moving closer to the island’s plantations and the nearby villages, the current church was built around 1825. Located a few miles from the Mill Reef Club, it has been the spiritual home for many Club members while on the island, and the Mill Reef Fund generously supports its mission.

In 1995, Hurricane Luis destroyed much of the church’s roof, along with the doors, windows, organ, and pews. Donations from the Fund enabled the church to replace the roof, the leaded and stained-glass windows, the organ, and other damaged items.

“Thanks to the Mill Reef Fund, our church bathrooms are now wheelchair accessible, the center isle and north access to the church has nonskid ceramic tiles, and a concrete walkway provides safe and easy access between our buildings. We’re so grateful to the Mill Reef Fund and the Mill Reef members for the ongoing financial support that’s made all this possible.”

– Reverend Pauline Ramsey-Burns

Mill Reef’s support has also financed interior church railings, a cement walkway for wheelchair accessibility, and reconstruction one of the cisterns on the church compound. During the pandemic, the Fund donated food to the parish and members of the community and gave vouchers to help pay utility bills.

A major restoration of the activity center was accomplished thanks to gifts in memory of longtime member Mr. Elmon Nathaniel.

The Fund’s annual support helps with upkeep of the church and its grounds, and maintenance of the cemetery.