National Sailing Academy

The joys and opportunities of the sea are taking root and thriving among Antiguans, thanks to the National Sailing Academy.

Helping Antiguans and Barbudans develop skills and confidence on the water, as well as opening doors to careers in the marine industry, are goals of the National Sailing Academy (NSA). The academy provides free swimming and sailing lessons to students in primary and secondary schools on the island, as well as a sailability program that enables disabled youth and adults to experience the sea.

NSA was founded in 2010 by Elizabeth Jordan and operated out of the Antigua Yacht Club until 2013, when the organization took out a lease on its current headquarters on Dockyard Drive.  A dock was installed with rentable boat berths. Space was provided for short-term boat accommodation. A dive shop and restaurant produced rental income, and Royal Yacht Association certification training began being offered to visitors for a fee.

“The support of the Mill Reef Fund over the years has enabled us to provide training courses leading to boat and yacht certifications by the Royal Yachting Association, certifications that are recognized worldwide. Over 85% of our past students and employees stay in the maritime industry in varied and often well-paying careers.”

- Elizabeth Jordan, founder

The academy now has the capacity for more than 150 children and adults, including differently-abled individuals, to gain experience on the water. Programs are oversubscribed and have waiting lists due to limited financial and logistical resources. Paying rent, wages for employees, maintenance of boats and property are just a few of the ongoing expenses that donations help support.