Friends of the Care Project

FOTCP’s motto is “To reach them is to teach them in the way that they learn.”

Friends of The Care Project (FOTCP) was founded in 2012 to support disabled children and adults residing at The Care Project, a government facility that provides a home and basic care for individuals with severe mental and physical disabilities. Disabilities include cerebral palsy, autism, hydrocephalus, blindness, seizures, and numerous neurological ailments. FOTCP is an independent nonprofit that supports The Care Project’s treatment programs and facilities by providing specialized therapy, food, equipment, and capital improvements.

In 2016, FOTCP began an outreach program to offer day services to differently-abled people on the island, collaborating with community clinics to identify individuals in need. The Mill Reef Fund donated a bus to transport participants to and from the site, and the program is so popular it has a waitlist.

FOTCP also opened a Development Centre, a fully functional school facility for children at The Care Project and in the community. This unique facility has a swimming pool, sensory room, and lots of space for the children to play and learn.

The skilled and passionate FOTCP staff work with each person to maximize their potential through sensory treatment, hydrotherapy, and social engagement. The sounds of singing, splashing, and joyful children attest to the staff’s love and care, while day trips to the beach, opportunities to sail, or simply an ordinary trip to the grocery store give residents a chance to participate in activities they’ve never done before.

“The Friends of the Care Project has benefited immensely from the Mill Reef Fund’s many donations. MRF donated a hoist to help lift the residents and financed our new Administrative and Family Therapy Building. They also donate annually to a program that teaches children to chew, swallow, and feed themselves if they’re able.”

– Kate James, Senior Supervisor