Barbuda Fisherfolk Association

Helping local fishing communities organize, survive, and thrive in sustainable ways is the mission of Barbuda Fisherfolk.

Barbudans have long relied on fishing as an essential industry for their livelihood, and the Barbuda Fisherfolk Association is dedicated to promoting the harvest and processing of seafood in an environmentally sustainable way.

In 2017, Hurricane Irma devastated the island’s fishing sector, destroying boats, engines, and other equipment. It also created a breach in the sandbar that had protected Codrington Lagoon from ocean currents and the open sea for decades.

The breach has been slow to close, allowing an inflex of predator fish into the lagoon, such as tiger sharks and lionfish. It’s also caused a decline in fish that are in high demand, including snapper, grouper, parrot fish, and chub. This compromises the livelihoods of many Barbudans since fishing is often their only source of income.

“The Mill Reef Fund’s support and generous donations have helped bolster the success of our seafood harvests and our fishing community, and we extend our sincere thanks.”

– Leroy Gore, President

The Barbuda Fisherfolk Association is actively involved in working on these issues and sponsors an annual fishing tournament to bring members together and create community. The Mill Reef Fund has donated a much-needed industrial refrigerator to the organization, along with associated electrical supplies and labor, to help preserve the organization’s harvests.