Antigua Planned Parenthood Association

Providing family planning services and health care to the island’s most underserved populations is a key focus of APPA.

Antigua Planned Parenthood Association (APPA) has been pioneering family planning on the island since 1970. The organization plays a major role in making reproductive health services available to all residents of Antigua and Barbuda, especially within underserved communities. People of all ages, female and male, are welcome at Planned Parenthood.

APPA provides a full range of services that include gynecological care, contraception, pregnancy tests, breast exams and other cancer screenings, ultrasounds, DNA paternity checks, and pregnancy counseling. They also provide prenatal care for mothers and babies, along with wellness checks to detect or prevent health complications.

“We are grateful to the Mill Reef Fund for financing our equipment sterilization machine, birth control products, and numerous other essential supplies for our clinic. The ongoing support of our Mill Reef friends enables us to continue to serve the health and family planning needs of the island’s residents.”

- Lyndale Weaver, Executive Director

The organization’s ongoing community outreach through social media and other avenues alerts island residents to the importance of possibly lifesaving checkups.

The organization is a major advocate of school-based comprehensive sexuality education and the need for health professionals to embrace youth-friendly services. APPA’s school program equips young people with the knowledge and resources to make informed choices and to avoid unintended pregnancy. It also empowers adolescents to take responsibility for their choices and their lives. APPA offers a summer camp full of fun activities and informative lessons for children aged 11-19.