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Medical and Health

Medical & Health

As an island, developing country, addressing the medical needs of the people of Antigua and Barbuda has been challenging, but great strides are being made. With the help of the Mill Reef Fund, Antigua’s hospitals, clinics, health education, drug prevention and emergency services have been upgraded gradually and steadily annually and since our founding.

Established in 1975, the Adelin Clinic was Antigua’s first major, private medical center, an 18-bed non-profit facility to which the Mill Reef Fund donated critical medical equipment and supplies. In 2009, Antigua undertook the major task of decommissioning the outdated 120-bed Holberton Hospital and transferred all public, medical services to the newly built 185-bed Mount St. John Medical Centre. The Mill Reef Fund has made annual contributions to both hospitals since 1949.

We have also supported St. John’s Hospice, the first care facility of its kind on the island. For primary school children, the Fund has financed a drug prevention program in all schools. And we are the top sponsor of an all-volunteer medic station and marine search and rescue operation.

To read more about the ways the Mill Reef Fund is contributing in the Medical & Health field see the projects below.

Projects Underway

Antigua & Barbuda Search and Rescue (ABSAR)

The Fund is proud to be ABSAR’s biggest sponsor. Our donations have become critical to ensuring that their lives saving …

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St. John’s Hospice/Home Palliative Care

Take a ride through the old Holberton Hospital grounds and one can not help but to be lured up the …

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Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC)/Holberton Hospital

Mount St. John’s Medical Centre opened in 2009 replacing Antigua’s Holberton Hospital. The medical center is a 185-bed teaching hospital …

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Antigua Planned Parenthood Association

The mission of the Antigua Planned Parenthood Association (APPA) is “to ensure that the community is afforded good sexual reproductive …

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