Mill Reef Fund

General Welfare


The Mill Reef Fund’s quest to fulfill it’s mission statement—to improve the lives of the people of Antigua and Barbuda—leads our donors to many worthy organizations across the whole of this beautiful twin-island nation.

Our commitment includes assistance to the most vulnerable populations: the elderly, the severely handicapped, the homeless and victims of domestic abuse.

In addition, we fund after school programs and other training programs for the visually impaired of all ages, for teenage parents, for young people who aspire to work in the vibrant Caribbean yachting industry, for future agriculture entrepreneurs, for advocates of environmental awareness and even ceramicists and tennis lovers.

Important attention has also been directed to supporting preservation and restoration projects of Antiguaʼs historical sites.

And, finally, the Mill Reef Fund provides steady annual support to critical long-standing programs through the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

To read more about the ways the Mill Reef Fund is contributing towards the general welfare of Antiguans and Barbudans see examples of ongoing projects below.

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Projects Underway

GARD: Gilbert Agricultural & Rural Development Center

To a tourist, Antigua offers a sparkling blue ocean, white sandy beaches and sunny days to relax and get away. …

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The Visually Impaired

The Mill Reef Fund has a long history of work with visually impaired children and adults in Antigua & Barbuda. …

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National Tennis Center, Antigua & Barbuda

The Mill Reef Fund was a major sponsor of this ambitious project to build the nation’s first public tennis venue, …

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Fiennes Institute for the Elderly

The Fiennes Institute was originally built in 1929 to ameliorate the suffering of homeless Antiguans—citizens without a roof over their …

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Red Cross of Antigua & Barbuda

The Mill Reef Fund is the major contributor each year to the preparation and training of the Red Cross, the …

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Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a worldwide evangelical Christian church. It’s charitable objectives are ‘the advancement of the Christian religion … and, …

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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Over the years, St. Vincent de Paul in Antigua and Barbuda has evolved from having a singular purpose to providing an …

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Sailing Academy & Job Training Program

  The National Sailing Academy, organized by the former Commodore of the Antigua Yacht Club, is a non-profit swimming and …

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The Care Project for Special Needs Children

The Care Project, formerly Amazing Grace, is a home for the disabled children of Antigua and Barbuda. Currently housed at the …

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Historical Society Museum of Antigua & Barbuda

Situated in the restored 1750 Court House in St. John’s, the Museum opened its doors on the first floor in …

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International Women’s Club Christmas Hampers

Each Christmas the International Women’s Club volunteers deliver over 200 Christmas hampers in 21 villages across the islands of Antigua …

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